3D Music, for reals.

From the Ground Up.

Our artists craft each of their pieces in Ambisonics from the outset – no remixing or upscaling of existing stereo works. We believe that in order to achieve something truly spatial, each hi-hat, guitar, vocal and string must be considered in 3D from the beginning. That’s how our music stands out from the rest.

Reverbs? Real-Worlds.

Isn’t that bowed low-C on the 2nd cello just exquisite…? Who cares! We care about the whole picture: be immersed in multiple scenes throughout listening journeys; be right where the drummer sits when they belt out a solo; hear mono arpeggiated synths come alive in abstract environments; experience a true spatial doppler effect… of electric guitars. Be there, here.

In Stereo, in Surround.

Stereo? Great. Binaural? Even better. A 48 channel array with 6 subs? Now you’re talking. Listen to our bespoke works in a multitude of surround audio formats. With Higher-Order Ambisonics, you lose none of the detail.

Simplicity? Realised.

Look, we’re not trying to re-write the book, or get you to invest in a new home cinema system… no gimmicks here, nor random pianos coming from your rear surrounds. Simply, we have created music which we think sounds and works great in Ambisonics, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Get in touch at info@ambisonicmusiclibrary.com

Licensing? We got you.

Want to incorporate one of our artists records in your project? Need to work with them closely to realise your vision? Contact us at info@ambisonicmusiclibrary.com